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[11 Aug 2001|11:29pm]

we're drifting amongst the redwoods and flying through nonexistant blue skies
as determined as the last army to take it on and win
and emerge on the Other Side the same as we went in
with an understanding of the human mind
we won't turn into our parents
bitter and old and drinking cheap beer
watching jerry springer on our half-hour lunch breaks
wondering where our idealism went
watching our mates get fatter an our children get older
and dumber and worse than we were as
they thrash on like broken records
damn shame;
bright kids are now buying metabolife and thighmasters
and taking classes at night to get that one promotion
before they die.
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[11 Aug 2001|11:29pm]

I throw myself around as badly as. But I've held you from the start and
Maybe I shouldn't have cared though it seems the pattern is to
Lead and drop,
something in you was worth all of this. as much as it hurts in
ways you couldn't know because I can't feel-
you're worth the undoings and the sudden pangs of memory
i'd be your punching bag, your rebound, your safety
but when you're refreshed i hope you're still looking for me
i wish i were only pretending to feel you
so much easier to not care than to tear in pieces
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[21 Jul 2001|04:54am]

Please don't let your fingertips touch me-
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[20 Jul 2001|03:07am]

You've changed and there is nothing I can move
Stay and hope to hope
But confusion, somehow, favours a girl named Tanya
Who consists of a past of self-convincing and an accurate sense of homosexuality
You're sick if you've done what better judgement tells me.
Sick if you spread me on the rocks to dry and be
Picked at by the passing gulls.
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[20 Jul 2001|02:46am]

And she says if I want to kill myself
Call her and say goodbye
And he says he's in love with me and
We'll run away together
Reach out and touch me please
It's been so long since anyone's cared enough
Reach out and touch me
Just- stay
Been so long since anyone's stayed long enough
Wish you were here to pull out my tears
And take me running through a pavement field
And watch the stars through the smog
But even our uncertainty is gone now
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[18 Jul 2001|01:38am]

the way they play
the way their photographs dance in frozen motion
the way i sit here
and stagnate behind the glass
watch these
with dull anger and disbelief
that something so simple
was squandered and lost
the way they play
the way they play
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